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Untold Secrets How the Real Estate Market Really Works: From a Twenty-Five-Year Veteran
by Kerry D. Bodily
List Price: $19.95 Purchase
This book is the definitive guide on how to PRICE and VALUE real estate in a competitive market.

The author writes candidly as a consumer advocate and as an educator how the current appraisal system methods, commonly used by most home sellers and real estate professionals, are unrealistic for determining the competitive price or value of real estate in an active market.

“In other words,” states the author. “Today’s competition determines today’s value, not yesterday’s sales.”

With real-life examples and humorous stories, Kerry exposes the many-layered parts and parties of real estate transactions. If you’re a home seller, he advises how to position your property to get the highest price, and if you’re a home buyer, how to get the most value for the price paid. He also teaches consumers how to get the most out of their real estate professionals, including agents, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, and others.

"This is invaluable information for pricing and valuing real estate in today’s market. Buyers and sellers will get a valuable education that will help them buy and sell real estate, and this book ought to be required reading for all real estate agents, experienced or newcomers alike." - Allen F. Hainge, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Founder, The Allen F. Hainge CyberStars®

“You own this category in my mind. Thanks for leading the way!” - Dave Beson, International Speaker, Founder, Life Success Systems, leading industry expert on real estate subjects

“Kerry has developed a special but simple system that allows any individual to price and value their own real estate with confidence and not need to rely on someone else’s ‘supposed’ expert opinion. This system has proven itself to me for many years.” - Howard Siegel, Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Residential Broker (CRB), CRS, and Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI)

Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate: How a Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry Came to Have an Identity Crisis
by Mollie W. Wasserman
List Price: $19.95 Purchase
There is an inherent conflict of interest when a real estate professional is expected to act as a fiduciary agent providing objective, unbiased counsel to clients, while at the same time being paid by commission.

This unspoken reality, combined with a lack of choices in real estate services offered and how they can be paid for, is the elephant in the room. The real estate industry knows it’s there because the consumer keeps pointing to it, but no one wants to acknowledge it and certainly no one wants to talk about it. Until now.

“For consumers and real estate professionals…Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate spotlights the issues that affect each of us...” – Blanche Evans, editor, Realty Times, and author, Bubbles, Booms, and Busts: Make Money in Any Real Estate Market

“Mollie knows the real estate business point-blank…” – Gary Keller, best-selling author, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

“Occasionally a book comes along that is singular in its achievement of creating possibilities…this must-read book does that…” – Allen F. Hainge, founder, The Allen F. Hainge CyberStars®

“Welcome to the new face of real estate…” – Ken Deshaies, author, How to Make Your Realtor® Get You the Best Deal and Get the Best Deal When Selling Your Home

Wealth On Any Income: 12 Steps to Freedom
by Rennie Gabriel
List Price: $17.95 Amazon Price: $14.00 You Save: $3.95 (22%) Purchase
Learn how individuals and couples can create wealth even if they're in debt. There are two areas to handling money effectively and creating wealth: One, the emotional area, and two, the practical area. Wealth On Any Income addresses both of these areas.
Without first dealing with the emotional beliefs and attitudes we have about money, no amount of practical information or 'money tips' will effectively support people to create wealth, live within their income, or get out of debt. Wealth On Any Income does this.
Learn how to:

Rennie Gabriel went from near bankruptcy in 1982 to financial independence in 1987. He is a UCLA Instructor, business coach, and a partner in a real estate management and investment company.
"I love this book. Everyone, that includes you, can become wealthy. I bought 100 of these books to give away because it makes the journey to financial freedom one of seemingly effortlessness."
- Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator #1 New York Times Best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue
by Louisa Maccan-Graves
List Price: $21.95 Amazon Price: $16.02 You Save: $5.93 (27%) Purchase
Women don’t have to spend a fortune to be their very best. Author and top hands and parts model Louisa Maccan-Graves lists affordable, effective products and rejuvenating therapies that both slow down and even reverse aging, ignite fat burning, balance hormones, diminish deep wrinkles and frown lines, relieve depression, and decrease body fat, all without prescription drugs, plastic surgery, or invasive procedures. Louisa also reveals effective beauty recipes that can be made using household ingredients. Packed with intelligent advice and anti-aging breakthroughs, there is something here for every woman.

Roller Hockey: The Game Within the Game
by Warren R. Taylor
List Price: $19.95 Amazon Price: $13.57 You Save: $6.38 (32%) Purchase
If you play roller hockey, this book has valuable lessons to take your game to the next level. If you are a coach, the diagrams and descriptions in this book will help you powerfully teach the game of roller hockey to create winning teams. If you are a parent or fan, the insights in this book will heighten your understanding and passion for the game. This book is for anyone connected to the sport of roller hockey.

Hearing Voices: Creating, Voicing & Producing Great Radio Commercials
by Alan Barzman
List Price: $19.95 Amazon Price: $13.57 You Save: $6.38 (32%) Purchase
Hearing Voices is an informative and amusing examination of what it takes to create and produce highly effective and humorous radio commercials. Advertisers, agencies, people working in media, and the general public, will find this book to be both entertaining and informational.

Couples & Money: A Couples' Guide Updated for the New Millennium
by Victoria Collins with Suzanne B. Brown
List Price: $13.95 Amazon Price: $11.86 You Save: $2.09 (15%) Purchase
Is money getting in the way of love? Money can affect a relationship as much as love. Court cases show the leading cause of divorce is arguments over money.
Couples & Money, written by certified financial planner and psychologist, Victoria F. Collins, is a vital guide on how couples cannot only survive, but thrive, both financially and emotionally in the new millennium.

Recommended by Consumer Credit Counseling Service, this captivating book gives couples a guide to having safe conversations around money. With over 20,000 copies sold, this valuable book covers everything from buying groceries to buying stocks, to easing the pressures of a two-career marriage.

In Couples & Money you will learn:

It's getting tougher than ever to make ends meet. This book gives you the keys you need to win in finance and marriage.

"If everyone read Couples & Money, the divorce rate would plummet."
- Ginita Wall, author, The Way to Invest and Our Money, Our Selves

Paperback - 220 pages 2nd edition (March 1998)
Gabriel Books; ISBN: 1891689983