Untold Secrets How the Real Estate Market Really Works: From a Twenty-Five-Year Veteran

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By Kerry D. Bodily
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This book is the definitive guide on how to PRICE and VALUE real estate in a competitive market.

The author writes candidly as a consumer advocate and as an educator how the current appraisal system methods, commonly used by most home sellers and real estate professionals, are unrealistic for determining the competitive price or value of real estate in an active market.

In other words, states the author. Today’s competition determines today’s value, not yesterday’s sales.

With real-life examples and humorous stories, Kerry exposes the many-layered parts and parties of real estate transactions. If you’re a home seller, he advises how to position your property to get the highest price, and if you’re a home buyer, how to get the most value for the price paid. He also teaches consumers how to get the most out of their real estate professionals, including agents, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, and others.

“This is invaluable information for pricing and valuing real estate in today’s market. Buyers and sellers will get a valuable education that will help them buy and sell real estate, and this book ought to be required reading for all real estate agents, experienced or newcomers alike.” – Allen F. Hainge, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Founder, The Allen F. Hainge CyberStars

“You own this category in my mind. Thanks for leading the way!” – Dave Beson, International Speaker, Founder, Life Success Systems, leading industry expert on real estate subjects

Kerry has developed a special but simple system that allows any individual to price and value their own real estate with confidence and not need to rely on someone else’s supposed expert opinion. This system has proven itself to me for many years. – Howard Siegel, Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Residential Broker (CRB), CRS, and Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI)


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