As a result of co-authoring the buyers book we sold four rental homes here in Orlando, Florida to British clients, with two more closings to follow this week. Just one of those commissions was $15,800, so you do the math!! What credibility the book gives me, especially to our British consumers…thanks again for a wonderful opportunity!

– Teri Isner, co-author of How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal, Central Florida Edition, Orlando, FL

About one year after the release of my book, I was able to obtain contracts with two national magazines as a paid columnist. In just two months, the fees for my column exceeded the investment in publishing the first edition of my book. We are in our second printing, and as the result of becoming an author I get paid to market my financial planning practice. The credibility of being a published author has contributed dramatically to the growth of my financial services company.

– Todd Rainey, author of Money Talk, Sherman Oaks, CA

I have included a page of “preferred partners” in my book and convinced each one to buy 20 to 50 books at $10/each for distribution to their clients. Mortgage lenders are the best candidates for this. So far, I have sold 130 books to mortgage lenders. It’s not only a good way to recoup some of your investment, it’s a great way to get the book into the hands of potential clients.

– Garry Harper, co-author of How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal, Oklahoma Edition, Tulsa, OK

Since becoming a published author I brought in several million dollars of contracts for my advertising agency and subsequently sold the agency for a large sum of money. In my “retirement” I do public speaking and executive coaching based on both the concepts from my book and my background in the advertising industry.

– Don Potter, author of 50+ Boomer, Encino, CA

Two days after donating four copies of my book to the library on a cruise ship I had a message to contact one of the other passengers. It turned out she was also from Scottsdale. She read my book and thought it was great. She wanted me to list her house, find a condo for her daughter and was going to recommend me to her niece, who is thinking of selling her present home and buying a larger one. Now I am going to go around to all the top resorts in Scottsdale to ask them if I could donate my book to their libraries. Even if you don’t live in a resort town or go on cruises, take a few copies with you when you go on vacation.

– Jenny Pradler, co-author of How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal, Arizona Edition, Phoenix, AZ

I spoke to Kim after she sent an email to me from the contact information in my book. Her husband, Dave works for the printer who printed my book. They were looking for a new REALTOR since their listing was expiring and it just so happens I market homes where they live. It’s such a small world.

Kim said, “Dave brought home a bad copy of your book from the garbage and he said, Read what I printed today. This is good stuff. We should have read it before we chose our agent. Now we know how to choose an agent and what questions to ask.” I listed and sold their home, so I guess one never knows where the next client will come from. This one came from a book bound for the trash.

– Wynne Achatz, co-author of How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal, Michigan Edition, Marine City, MI

Within five months of the release of my book, my commissions were up 200% and my listings were up 400% (from an average of 5 to 20). All this happened in a community of less than 20,000 people with 480 real estate agents competing for business. This book has been a great addition to my marketing; you can actually see the difference in people’s faces when they know that they are being represented by the person who wrote the book.

Also, when I received my first books in print, I donated a few copies to local libraries. About a year later I received a call from a lady who had read my book from a library and wanted me to represent her in a new home purchase. We found a great new home for her at about $300,000. Then, on the way back to the office, she told me her house listing had expired with another agent, and asked me to take over the listing – $475,000. At $19,000 in commissions this one book contact paid for my total investment a couple of times over.

– Ken Deshaies, author of How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal, Dillon, CO

My book created opportunities I couldn’t even see when it was published. I not only received tremendous gratitude from the readers who used my approach to getting out of debt and creating wealth, but I found other financial professionals purchased 25 to 100 copies at a time to give to clients and prospects. Insurance agents who used my book with clients increased their production by 300% and I’ve been paid thousands of dollars to do sales and marketing training to other financial professionals on the concepts in my book. None of this was planned when I wrote it.

– Rennie Gabriel, Founder of Gabriel Publications and author of Wealth On Any Income, Sherman Oaks, CA