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Author a Book to Grow Your Business and


Learn how to:  

  • Write a book that moves people to action
  • Use the credibility of becoming a published author to grow your business
  • Write a powerful press release
  • Set up book signing events at bookstores and libraries
  • Grow your referral base and multiply your referrals
  • Have others pay for the publication of your book

click here to Download the complimentary e-book
Author a Book to Grow Your Business

For over 30 years, The Financial Coach, Inc. has provided education, training, and consulting on effective money management, business growth, and profitability. Since 1996, Gabriel Publications, a division of The Financial Coach, Inc., has been publishing consumer education titles from various professionals and experts in business. In these ten years we have published more than 100 titles in print runs from as few as 1,000 to over 50,000 copies. All titles have been available through major bookstores and online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Due to the current rise and democratization of online self-publishing and in response to the shifting tides of marketplace retail, Gabriel Publications has re-positioned its publishing house to concentrate on business enterprises that are not only innovative and dynamic in their nature but also important, timely, and unique.

Operating in all areas of publishing – traditional, subsidized, and commercial production – Gabriel Publications is currently seeking opportunities for expert business professionals to become legitimate published authors.

Whether you require a manuscript consultation, would like to license existing pre-written material, or simply want to understand how becoming a published author can substantially increase your income and impact your business, we will be able to facilitate that process.

In addition to putting manuscripts and books through rigorous editing and proofing stages, we have created and tailored marketing programs to support published authors, aided business professionals in niche marketplace branding, and designed entire websites to build upon a newly minted author’s content and message. It’s about distinguishing yourself from the competition, and utilizing books to build your business.



Mission Statement
We publish non-fiction books designed to educate the public and grow the author’s business
We support our authors through the entire writing and publishing process
We are committed to the highest quality of publishing
We are in the business of credibility



“Our Books Grow Business Profits”

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