Couples & Money: A Couples’ Guide Updated for the New Millennium

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by Victoria Collins with Suzanne B. Brown
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Is money getting in the way of love? Money can affect a relationship as much as love. Court cases show the leading cause of divorce is arguments over money.
Couples & Money, written by certified financial planner and psychologist, Victoria F. Collins, is a vital guide on how couples cannot only survive, but thrive, both financially and emotionally in the new millennium.

Recommended by Consumer Credit Counseling Service, this captivating book gives couples a guide to having safe conversations around money. With over 20,000 copies sold, this valuable book covers everything from buying groceries to buying stocks, to easing the pressures of a two-career marriage.

In Couples & Money you will learn:

    • How men and women communicate differently about money, and how to understand each other


    • The Two Truths of saving


    • The Yours, Mine, and Ours banking system


    • How to identify your money personality


    • Models to successfully diversify investments


    • Why budgets are NOT the best method of finance


    • Hidden investments in finance…and love


  • And much, much more

It’s getting tougher than ever to make ends meet. This book gives you the keys you need to win in finance and marriage.

“If everyone read Couples & Money, the divorce rate would plummet.”
– Ginita Wall, author, The Way to Invest and Our Money, Our Selves

Paperback – 220 pages 2nd edition (March 1998)
Gabriel Books; ISBN: 1891689983


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